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An ongoing program designed for the contemporary Jewish Woman
The Jewish Women's Circle brings together Jewish women of all ages and backgrounds to learn, laugh, experience and rejuvenate the mind, body and soul.
5774 (2013-2014) Meeting Schedule



 This year, 5774 (2013-14), we will start each meeting with a discussion--led by Rebbitzen Devorah Leah--on a different mitzvah. We will explore the what, when, how and why of fundamental Jewish practices, with handouts and multimedia aids. This course is a Hebrew School for adults! Most meetings will also include a speaker or activity.

Meetings start at 6:30 pm (unless otherwise indicated) at Chabad Jewish Center, 242 West San Mateo Road.



Mitzvah discussion on social interaction and community: Torah’s perspective on socializing, neighbors, disputes, lost and found, and more.Dr. Joalie Davie, MD, combines Western medicine with alternative healing techniques. She will tell us how to stay healthy and keep our immune system strong—a great way to start the year! 

Sponsored by Audrey Garrison in honor of her 42nd wedding anniversary; Joan Grossman in memory of her parents; and Lena Keslin in honor of her father.



Mitzvah discussion on prayer: From the heart and from the book; personal vs. communal prayers, making our prayers meaningful.  
Speaker: Beginning in the 1800s, our state saw a large influx of Jews who emigrated from Europe; many settled in Santa Fe. Noel Pugach, a former history professor who has written extensively on this subject, will speak about “Jewish Pioneers of New Mexico.” 

Sponsored by Susan Paradise in memory of her mother; and Gloria Abella Ballen in honor of her daughter Vanessa and her new baby.


Mitzvah discussion on death and mourning: How to honor our loved ones; observing Shmira, Tahara, Shiva, Kaddish, and the year of mourning.  
Poet Janet Eigner will lead us in an interactive presentation centered around her newest book of poems, What Lasts is the Breath, which focuses on the stages of grief and recovery. 

Sponsored by Donna Secular in memory of her mother; and Kate Braverman.

Mitzvah discussion on food and nourishment: Eating consciously; what are some easy steps to experiencing kosher? Understanding kosher symbols and food preparation. 
Our annual Chanukah party is always a festive event! We’ll have holiday food, menorah lighting, entertainment from harpist Kate Shane (with more to be announced later in the year), and a gift drive for a local charity of our choice. 

Sponsored by Susan Paradise in memory of her father; Joyce Gitomer in honor of her grandchildren; and Sally Lowen in honor of Devorah Leah all the wondeful women in the Women's Circle.

Mitzvah discussion on Israel, The Holy Land. Why are we so connected to a piece of land? How do we experience that connection daily? Should we move to Israel? 
We will hear from writer Rosemary Zibart, who will discuss a little-known aspect of Jewish history: 1,400 children were allowed into the U.S. during the Holocaust, but their parents were not. Zibart’s recent historical novel for young adults, Forced Journey: The Saga of Werner Berlinger, is based on these events. 

Sponsored by Sarah Mizrahi in honor of her family; and Yaszmina Nedboy in honor of her birthday.


(Please note earlier start time for this meeting: candle-lighting at 5:19 PM) 
Mitzvah discussion on Shabbat, “An Island in Time.” When did the practice begin? How to experience its practical observances, including the Eruv, cooking and carrying.  
We will enjoy a lovely Shabbat dinner with candle-lighting, services, great food, Shabbat songs and a “stump the rebbitzen” session—ask any question about Judaism!

Sponsored by Judy Moore-Kraichnan in memory of her husband Bobby; and Karen Tobin in honor of her daughter Ilana.

Mitzvah discussion on the mikvah (purifying waters): How did the women’s mikvah ritual begin? Why is it so important? How can you experience this beautiful mitzvah? 
Artist Yaszmina Nedboy will talk about her Jewish-themed art and lead us in a hands-on class where we’ll create a beautiful hand-painted Challah cover. Yaszmina’s newest painting series is dedicated to a life filled with spiritual reflection in Torah and Tefillah. 

Sponsored by Sheila Bicoll in honor of her 44th wedding anniversary; and Devorah Leah Levertov in memory of her grandfathers.

Mitzvah discussion on brachot (blessings): The power to bless; what is the origin of blessings? Understanding the blessings on food and personal experiences. 
Jane Davis, a therapist and prison minister, will present art and writing by Jewish inmates while sharing some of their stories. As the founder of international peace organization Hope-Howse, Jane works with incarcerated Jews, who are a tiny percentage of the prison population but often have to fight to practice their religion. 

Sponsored by Beverly Berger and her mother, Trudy Blitz, in loving memory of Joseph Blitz; and Paulina Robinson in honor of her children.

Mitzvah discussion on money (gelt): The Jewish perspective on finances, money lending and creating wealth. Is Judaism capitalist or socialist? What is our responsibility? 
We will screen Broadway Musicals: A Jewish Legacy, an entertaining 90-minute documentary tracing the impact of Jewish composers and lyricists on modern American musical theater. 

Sponsored by Regina Klapper, in memory of her father, Philip Eisman; and A.J. Melnick in honor of her wedding anniversary.

Mitzvah discussion on feminism. Women’s special practices including hair coverings, modesty, and Yichud. 
Our year-end dinner will include wrap-up of the year’s activities and discussion of ideas for the following year. 
Fitness professional Heather Rider will demonstrate Krav Maga, a self-defense system developed in Israel and used by the military. We’ll not only learn what it’s about, we’ll get to practice some of the moves! Physical size doesn’t matter with these easy techniques. 

Sponsored by Camille Ovitsky in memory of her father, Ezra Levy; and Eileen Levy in honor of her grandson Yaakov.


New Membership Features

Jewish Women's Circle membership covers September 2013 through June 2014. Membership will remain at $54 and includes all 10 monthly meetings and activities. Non-member fees will be $10 for regular meetings, $15 for the Chanukah party, and $20 for February's Shabbat dinner. Becoming a member will save you money, but here are two new features that will give you additional reasons to join:

1. Birthday Club! Members will get abirthday hatsbunch of birthday goodies: their birthdays announced in this newsletter, a card, a cake in honor of that month's birthday girls, and a lovely gift! (We have already purchased gifts and I can tell you they are truly beautiful!) Make sure when you renew that you tell us when your birthday is so we can add it to the list.

2. Share your news here! If you are a member and you have any exciting news that you want the group to know about, send it to us and we'll run it in this newsletter. Is your child getting married? Do you have an art exhibit opening? Have you just published a book? Whatever it is, you'll be able to publicize it here!


Remember, these two new features will be available to members only! So send $54 your membership check to our treasurer, Joan Grossman, at 513 Rio Grande Ave., Santa Fe NM 87501.  Or click here 

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