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  • Prepare for Passover!Explore the Passover Haggadah with Kabbalistic insights into the Seder. *March 30, 6:00pm*More Info
  • Challah Bake & Prayer CircleMake your own homemade Challah and discover the beauty of our tradition. Baking Challah is also an auspicious time for prayer so bring along your special wishes for G-d! - April 16RSVP
  • Weekly Torah StudyExplore the depths of the weekly Torah reading with textual analysis and Kabbalistic insights. Ancient wisdom for modern times, with Rabbi Levertov • Mondays, 6:00-7:00 pmMore
  • Weekly Shabbat ServicesA community that prays together stays together. Join us for weekly Shabbat and holiday services in a warm, friendly environment.Schedule
  • Use Our Mah Nishtanah TrainerLearn to ask the Four Questions with this interactive toolRead More
  • 10 Diverse Foods that Say "Passover"Over the years, diverse Jewish communities have developed their own Passover cuisines. Here is our...Read More
  • Aha, I Found the Cheerio!Lessons from a wayward piece of cerealRead More

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