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  • Maps & DirectionsWe've Moved! Visit us at our new location: 509 Camino de Los Marquez, Suite 4.Map
  • End-of-Passover Meal!Join us for a special End-of-Passover dinner, known as "Moshiach's Meal" celebrating world peace in the Messianic era. Dinner with Matzah, wine, brisket and more. Click for More.RSVP
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  • Chasing JudaismJudaism has permeated my life and integrated into who I am and the choices I makeRead More
  • Just Be Happy and Positive!How your thoughts create realityRead More
  • Attending Non-Kosher Birthday Parties What’s the best way to handle this situation?Read More
  • Challah With Creamy Spinach DipSpecial challah for the first Shabbat after PassoverRead More
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